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Nick M. Gombash - Hungary Exchange

Do you need help researching your family tree? Want to learn more about your European or Hungarian ancestry and heritage? I can help you! I have extensive experience professionally researching family trees and have been conducting research for 15+ years, professionally and non-professionally (personal research & research for friends).
What I can do for you:
  * Research in America
  I can conduct research in American resources to help you trace your lineage back to Europe. These resources include (but are not limited to) census records, cemetery records, church registers (baptism, marriage, death/burial), city directories, immigration manifests, naturalization records, probate files, vitals (birth, marriage, death), etc..
  * Research in Europe
  Performing research in European resources can be difficult for some people. There are barriers such as reading unfamiliar handwriting and script, understanding the languages and just a general lack of knowledge with what records are available. No matter what country of origin your family is from, the most important resources are church registers. They contain the baptism, marriage and death records of our ancestors prior to common record keeping with certificates and civil registration. Records most commonly available for research are:
  *Census & taxation
  *Church registers (pre-1895 for Hungary)
  *Civil registration records (post-1895 for Hungary)
  *Death notices & obituaries
  *Family books (Germanic areas)
  * Research in Other Areas
  While my specialty is Hungarian genealogy, I have vast experience in other areas as well. I am also available for research projects in the following areas, but not limited to:
  * USA (colonial and modern)
  * Austria
  * Bohemia
  * Croatia
  * Czech Republic
  * Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic & Slovakia)
  * Germany (and all neighboring Germanic speaking countries)
  * Hungary
  * Romania
  * Serbia
  * Slovakia
  * Slovenia
  * What You Receive
  *Complete and thorough research into the areas requested. I use every strategy and resource possible to find your ancestors.
  *Digitized copies of every single document found, which may include: baptisms, births, marriages, deaths & burials, census, taxations, etc.
  *Translations of every document mentioned above.
  *Pedigree and Family Group report sheets, which highlight and detail all the information that was found.
  *A final Synopsis report which details what was researched, what was found, what wasn't able to be found & why, and potential leads on other potential research.
  * Costs & Fees
  *Research is conducted at the rate of $35/hour.
  *Additional fees may include: record retrieval costs, copying fees, postage, travel & lodging (where available), etc.
  *Feel free to contact the researcher for a free quote, here (!
  * References
  *References available upon request. Just ask!
"I cannot express how
thankful I am, for the work Nick has done.  He truly has a unique gift and talent to help others find answers. The information that he gave was invaluable."
"From that point on I knew I was working with someone who knew what they were doing; and all the cards seemed to fall into place from there."
"It is without hesitation that I recommend him to others."
"I was amazed at the
amount of information
he was able to find in
such a short time."
"He did my mothers’
and my fathers’ family histories for my family reunion. Everyone there was very impressed with his work."
"He was very thorough
in his work and he found
out things about my history that I didn’t
even know about."
"I continue to use Mr. Gombash's talents for additional research, translations and knowledge of Hungary."
"I also really appreciated that he could provide me with some “unwritten” facts that he was able to conclude simply due to his extensive knowledge and experience in Hungarian research."
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