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Hungarian Marriage Project

Do not use accent and diacritical marks, as they are NOT required for searching this database.

To request a digitized copy of a marriage record, please fill out and submit this form. Your
request will be fulfilled in the order in which it was received. Payment will be due prior to your
receiving of any documents. We will contact you regarding payment when the copies have been made.

Fees: $3 USD per record.

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A list of all the parishes
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Hungarian Marriage Project.

Marriage Year

Groom Surname
Groom First Name
Groom Birth Year
Groom Birth Town
Groom Birth County
Groom Father Surname
Groom Father First Name
Groom Mother Surname
Groom Mother First Name

Bride Surname
Bride First Name
Bride Birth Year
Bride Birth Town
Bride Birth County
Bride Father Surname
Bride Father First Name
Bride Mother Surname
Bride Mother First Name

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