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April 12, 2017

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The Jászság #8 – Testament of a Redemptus son

May 30, 2018

This next testament was written by my 6th-great grandfather, György Kohári (1735-1801) who was the previous Mihály’s son. Although György was alive during the Redemptio, he was still underage and couldn’t purchase land and thus, he became a 2nd generation redemptus.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Before the Almighty Creator takes me out of this shadow-world, I wished to leave this last testament with a sane and alive mind before my beloved widow and children.


I leave the honorable duty of cleaning up my remains to my beloved wife and children. May there be holy masses held for my soul preparing to meet the Lord in the Great Church, and similarly in the Church of the Franciscans each year for as long as my successors remember me.


I leave 50 Rhenish Forints to the Church of the Virgin Mary, and similarly 50 to the Honorable Franciscans’. May this amount be paid by my successors before anything else.


All my animals should be divided into five, viz. my cattle, horses and sheep should remain on the hands of my four sons and their mother for as long as she lives. After the event of her death, my house, garden, ranch, vines and tender fields should be divided equally between my four sons.


The tender fields, for as long as my wife is alive, should remain together, may my sons cultivate them, share its harvest between the six of them, namely my four sons, my wife and my underage little girl, Apolló. Let them each have their own share from it, and may my fields be inherited by my four sons after the death of my wife. However, if their mother dies, may Apolló receive her own share until she marries, and if she does not marry, may she get her share until her death. Whatever my wife gets hold of in her life, she is free to leave to whomever she wishes. I adjure my sons to respect their mother the way they have done so in my life, to depend on her in all things, and to never bring shame to her.


I adjure my son Mihály to continue his studies, and for this cause, I leave to him 100 Rhenish Forints each year for his studies. May they be ordered to pay this amount in one part to him each year from my money until he becomes a monk if God destined him to become one, or until he finishes his studies.


The postmaster, noble András Ágoston knows very well how much money I have, whom I particularly asked to recommend himself for my testament-giving; who, in the presence of myself, my wife and children, and furthermore before my younger brother, Ferenc Kohári, had taken account of my money and belongings, and thus, this honorable Man and my children know very well what kind of financial status I have. May they receive their share according to my fatherly testament.


I have given 100, viz. one hundred Rhenish Forints to my daughter Örzsébet, the wife of Imre Juhász after her wedding. May my successors give her two more cows in such way, that they would be her own property, and not her husband’s.


During the division of my cows, may my successors resort to the company of my good friends and kind-hearted people, so that neither one of them would resent.


Finally, I leave to you, my dearest, to love one another, respect your parents in their old age, fear God, and live your life to the fullest, so that you will be able to get to your Creator, the Almighty Lord upon your departure from this shadow-world.


Written in Jászberény, on the 19th of the Month of Christmas, 1801.


This testament of mine, read aloud before and approved by the assembled Messrs, I wish to be final and approve myself, and at the same time, I confirm with my own hand’s cross sign.


György Kohári

his own hand’s X sign



Before us

András Ágoston, postmaster

Ferenc Bessenyei, senator


March 6, 1810 – in the presence of the Honorable postmaster, András Ágoston, who was the testator’s official, the senator Imre Vajdu, Ferenc Kis and István Lakatos, vice notary. This testament was opened and published as usual as per the request of the testator’s successors, namely the sons János, András and Imre Kohári, and the daughters Erzsébet (wife of Imre Juhász) and Apolló Kohári (wife of József Szalóki), and upon understanding its contents well, they accepted all points of it and agreed to them. Signed in Jászberény, year and day as above.


By Ferenc Kis, the town’s vice notary



Glossary and expressions:


to leave sg to se - In this context, it means to leave a wish, an order, or to adjure someone to do something after the testator’s death.

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