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April 12, 2017

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The Jászság #9 – Testament of a Redemptus woman

June 2, 2018

The third and final testament in this series belongs to my 7th-great grandmother, Ilona Gál (born 1734). Women did not officially take part in the Redemptio as lands were purchased by heads of households, however, they did in fact contribute to the purchase. Ilona was the wife of György Fecske (1725-1779), daughter of a Redemptus and granddaughter of a simple shepherd and yet, she came into possession of a huge number of different plots after her husband passed away: farmfields, a ranch on the outskirts and a vineyard west of the city as well:


I, undersigned Ilona Gál, although having been visited with a serious illness by God, but nevertheless having a clear and sane mind, wished to leave this final testament regarding my humble possessions, such as:


1stly – May Anna Gál, the wife of Mihály Vámos clean away my cold body by those 20 Rhenish Forints left by my own younger brother.


2ndly – My brother-in-law Mihály Vámos had given me 40 Rhenish Forints from my father’s inheritance, with which I was satisfied, agreeing never to ask for anything more from him in the future, and so shouldn’t my successors.


3rdly – I leave one third of my two kötéls of tender land at the Hatvani road to my daughter Katalin, the one at the Meggyes for my daughter Borbála, and the one at the Csányi road equally for my daughters Örzse and Anna. I leave my land at the Szarkahát for my daughters Rózsi and Klára.


4thly – My son-in-law Imre Földházi has bought my lands in Borsóhalma and at the Tizenkét Halom, which he previously borrowed, for one hundred and ten Forints. As I have offered these lands to each of my daughters before this purchase and neither one wanted them, may they become my son-in-law Földházi’s.


5thly – My aforementioned son-in-law had previously lent me 10 Forints in my need; I leave my land at the Pele road to him for this.


6thly – I also have a land at the Szentmártoni road being borrowed for 4 Forints by my son-in-law Földházi. May this be one of my daughters’ who gives the most for it and may that amount be spent on my funeral along with the 20 Forints left for this cause in the 1st point. May whatever remains left from this be donated to the hospital.


7thly – I have two kötéls of ranch, one half borrowed by Imre Földházi, the other by János Nagy for 20 Forints, both sons-in-law of mine. May these be shared between by the seven of them, and finally


8thly – I leave my vines on the Öreghegy to my grandson Istvány Házkötő, my cabbage fields on the external territories to my daughter Katalin – may she be responsible for arranging anniversaries for me –, my hemp field to my daughter Rózsi, and all my bedclothes to Erzse, the daughter of my daughter Katalin.


Which testament of mine read aloud before me word by word, I confirm and approve in all points. Signed in Jászberény on May 28, 1798.


Ilona Gál, my

own hand’s X sign




Before us:

József Muhoray, senator

Antal Nagy, vice notary


March 3, 1800 – In the presence of primary judge noble Ferenc Besenyei, András Molnár notary and Antal Nagy vice notary, furthermore the testatrix’s successors Örzsébet, Anna, Katalin, Borbála, Klára, Rozsália Fecske and Istvány Házkötő as grandchild, the others children, this testament was opened and published as usual, the contents of which everyone was satisfied with. Signed in Jászberény, year and day as mentioned above.


By Antal Nagy,

vice notary



kötél – contemporary unit of measurement for land; equals around 50 acres

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