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The 1848 Project


The 1848 Project is a map-based indexing project aimed at collecting the names of the revolutionary Honvéd soldiers and National Guards of Hungary, who served during the 1848-49 War of Independence against Austria. The index is accessible through Google Maps below and is divided into three categories as follows:

National Guards


The institution of National Guardsmanship (Nemzetőrség) was one of the earliest achievements of the Hungarian revolution of 1848. Drawing inspiration from earlier ones, such as the American or the French revolutions, every Hungarian man between the ages of 20-50 had to serve either as an infantry- or a cavalry guardsman. This institution was independent from the state army. Recruitment conditions were the following:

In cities and towns:

- Male

- Aged 20-50

- House or land worth 200 Forints or above

- Annual income of 100 Pengős (Silver Coins) or above

In villages and on farms:

- Male

- Aged 20-50

- Half serf-plot or land, or greater

- Annual income of 100 Pengős (Silver Coins) or above

Honvéd soldiers


The Honvédség (from the German word Landwähr) was the first regular state army of Hungary, which commenced recruitment in May, 1848. After the Austrian army attacked Hungary, some National Guard battalions were also incorporated into the army, although not all.

Honvéd societies


Local Honvéd societies started emerging in each county during the 1860’s, eventually being recognized as lawful organizations after 1867. Honvéd societies provided aid for old Honvéd veterans of the 1848 War of Independence and its members included veteran soldiers as well as honorary members (e.g. clergymen, officials, aristocrats)

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7407 NAMES

5688 Honvéd soldiers

1719 National Guards