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The Hungarian Marriage Project

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The Hungarian Marriage Project is the largest free index of Hungarian marriage records from the pre-1895 era. This database was created to be a supplementary aid to your genealogical research, so the index entries may not always contain all the important information on the original document. Our goal is to index the records with enough information so that you can easily find and view the original documents. The database currently contains 63,720 marriage records.


The Hungarian Marriage Project is a community project brought to you by our tireless volunteers. If you'd like to take part, don't hesitate to contact us! To help contribute with the indexing efforts, you'll need a bit of prior experience working with Hungarian parish records.

- Familiarity with Hungarian and Latin genealogical terms

- Capable of deciphering cursive handwriting

- Knowledge of the Hungarian alphabet and pronunciation

- Aware of variances in German, Hungarian and Latin, etc. given names

- Ability to work with spreadsheets


List of Parishes

Experience Preferred:



Accent and diacritical marks are not used when creating these indexes, so they are not necessary nor will the search perform properly if they are used. Example: for Vásárhelyi, search for Vasarhelyi.


The search form has been adjusted so that each query is seen as a "contains" search. This means that searching for "isk" as a surname would bring back results such as: Andriska, Iski, Piskolti and Ziska, among others. We find this beneficial when multiple spelling variations may occur for a surname.

Indexes are organized in the database alphabetically by County, and then Parish. Reviewing the List of Parishes below will explain which are included within this database, as well as which neighboring communities those parishes were comprised of. To determine the proper parish for a locality, please visit János Bogárdi's 1877 Hungarian Gazetteer.

First names are indexed in their proper Hungarian spelling, so it is best to search under those correct spellings rather than in former or foreign languages (such as Latin or German). Example: for Michael, search for Mihaly; for Rachel, search for Rakhel. You can find detailed information about Given Names here.

The Additional Name category may contain any various details of information, including a divorced (elvált) or widowed (özv. = özvegye) marital status, a mention of nobility (nemes), an occupation or a second surname. We recommend reviewing the original documents to fully understand what was being stated in the record. Useful language resources can be found in the Language & Handwriting section of our Links page.

The Birth Town category may also reflect the individual's last residence, rather than their place of birth. Some record entries and column headers were not particularly clear on whether a locality stated was a place of birth or where they were currently residing. When a number is included, it refers to a house number within that parish or stated locality. Cadastral maps, which oftentimes displays house numbers within a specific locality, may be found in the Map collection at Hungaricana. Not all villages are included, so try your luck!

Please cite Hungary Exchange and the Hungarian Marriage Project in your source citations. No data may be reproduced in any format without our written permission. If you happen to come across any mistakes or errors, please contact us so we can correct them.